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    How to interpret Google Analytics data in Qlik Sense

      Hi Experts,


      I used the REST Connector to connect to the GA account in Qlik Sense and pulled the following metrics and dimensions



      1. "ga:users",
      2. "ga:sessions",
      3. "ga:avgSessionDuration",
      4. "ga:hits",


      1. ga.date
      2. ga.year
      3. ga.month
      4. ga.yearmonth
      5. ga.country
      6. ga.sessionDurationBucket


      Now I have the following tables -

      1. metrics
      2. rows
      3. totalsForAllResults
      4. columnHeaders


      There is no relation among these tables. Has anybody been successfully able to relate the data? There is very little information on this in the community. It will very helpful if the experts can throw some light on this topic.