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    Nprinting-Word Report

    Viresh Kolagimath



      how to create word/excel report by placing the two different tables side by side i.e horizontally.


      A structure similar to to below one.

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          Mike Czerwonky

          I would put this in an Excel template rather than Word.  No reason why you can't add data from 4 different chart objects and configure them in Excel template like you have in your picture.   It might get a little more complicated if you plan on using paging or if your tables will contain a lot of rows of data.   If you try to use Word, you will have a difficult time trying to keep them aligned as they will likely expand in size and that will shift the placement of the objects on the page.

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            Anil Samineni



            I am new to NPrinting, Basically..


            So what my suggestion is, I got same Rek before few days back..


            You can do side-by-side using PDF. But, not possible in Excel....


            That's For Sure ....