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    QlikView Server and fake values on dimensions


      I have a QV Server installed on a Win 2008 Server with 64 cpu s and 128 GB of ram.
      There are 4 documents published, but just 2 frequently used (preload) and about 1.7 GB on disk (compressed) each one. The main table has 40 million records on both.
      The server load with 3 of these documents opened, is about 23GB.

      Now the users are 20, at the end they will be 100.

      Sometimes it happens that the reports don't show the real data, i mean that a null record appear in any field i put in the report, but this is a fake null record because if I apply a filter it don't disappear. the only way to cancel it is to restart the qvs service in order to clear the memory (cache??)

      I have worked with the usual working set till friday when i change it to prevent another problem, that we have when sometimes the memory usage (qvs.exe) grow to saturate the free memory. So i changed the default parameters 70/90/10 into 35/95/45 (low/high/cache).

      I'm working with the versione 9 SR6.

      Has someone the same behavior?
      Are known issues?

      Thanks to all