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    Calculating average in set analysis

    Mark Graham

      (Avg(Aggr(Sum({<[Recent 7 Days] -= {'-'}>}eaches ),[Recent 7 Days]))) /


      Avg((Aggr(Sum({<[Recent 7 Days] -= {'-'}>}duration_logged_in_Hrs ),[Recent 7 Days])))


      Hi all,

      i'm using above script to calculate average of 'eaches' consumed in recent 7 days.

      Although it is giving me the average, i do not wanna divide the average eaches in recent 7 days with

      average hrs logged in.



      I'm trying to divide sum of eaches / sum of logged in hrs. (Still having the condition Recent 7 Days <> '-'

      Not working:

      (Aggr(Sum({<[Recent 7 Days] -= {'-'}>}eaches ),[Recent 7 Days]))) /


      ((Aggr(Sum({<[Recent 7 Days] -= {'-'}>}duration_logged_in_Hrs ),[Recent 7 Days])))



      Any help is highly appreciated!