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    Read Only Access to specific Application Published in a Stream

    Kenneth Scott

      QLIK SENSE 2.2


      I'm trying to give read only access to a specific application published in a stream.  I have tried several things and what I think should work, but does not. I have created a Security Rule, "SalesStreamAccess" and added that Role to a specific user.  The rule's advanced filter is "Stream_<ID For Stream>, App_<ID for App>".  See Below

      Security rule edit - QMC.png


      When I preview the rule, for the App and Stream it shows the source user has read only access.  Basically, it looks like it should be working.





      So, It previews and looks like it should be functioning, however neither the stream or APP are visible for this user.  Should this be working like I think it should or am I missing something?