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    Document CAL for a Dummy User

      Hallo QlikView Community,

      We are using Document CALs which are related to a NTNAME (for example : ED\username) (on EMC). So at the moment only one user per document cal.

      The format of the access File is as follows:


      Now I want to relate a Document CAL to a dummy-user (like: distribution_1) in order to allocate 2-3 user to a dummy-user. I want to take this step, because there exists users which connect only one time a week to QlikView. The most of the time the D.CAL is not in use. Over the dummy -user I would be able to save D.CALs.

      I tried to write a dummy name instead of ntame on the server, then in the access file following changes:


      admin * * ED/qvadmin MA

      user distribution_1 1234 * LO


      I connect with IE Plugin and chose "other identity". Then I put in the USERID and PASSWORD and get the following message:

      "Connected to server OK, no reply reseived. Swithing to HTTP tunneling. ..."

      What can I do , to make it work?

      I am thankful for every tip :)