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    Calculation in new method



      i got one of the requirement from my boss, to get a clear pic i have attached the calculation method in excel for your reference. can any one suggest me how to do this calculation in the Qlik View and develop the reports based on the end results


      1 Table a Shows the actual installation qty

      2 Table b shows that value of the 1st month Qty is shifted to the second month(Qty of Insatallation ) and then accumulation (By Version wise ) of the qty installation is calculated

      3 Table c Shows that the qty of upgrade rate for each month

      For Jan

      Now I need to calculate the target version percentage like this

      V2=sum of V2 Upgrade Qty / No of Installation of V1

      V3= Sum of V3 upgrade Qty / Sum of Installation of V1 and V2

      Note (If you give f2 in the target version tabled you ll find the exact calculation.