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    SMTP Setup for nPrinting v17

    Mark Ritter

      I tried to setup using smtp.office365.com and that would not send an email.  So our IT did something and asked me to use the following:


      healthprorehab-com02c.mail.protection.outlook.com as the SMTP server name.


      I tried to change the settings to the above and when I try to update I get a message that an error occurred.  It appears that nPrinting does not like the name for some reason.  It will accept an IP and smtp.office365.com.  But not the above. 


      I used an SMTP tester from my nPrinting server using the above name and it worked. 


      So 2 questions.  Does anyone know why this server name will not be accepted?  Does anyone know what needs to be done to make this work with office365?