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    [Bar Chart] Aggr Text on Axis

    Juan Macias

      Hi everyone!


      I have a bar chart showing the percentage of products by country, where I set two dimensions and expressions. One of the expressions is the total of products aggregated by country and needs to be as "text on axis".

      The data is something similar to this:


      ArgentinaChildren's Clothes51
      ArgentinaMen's Clothes250
      ArgentinaWomen's Clothes86
      BelgiumChildren's Clothes
      BelgiumMen's Clothes36
      BelgiumWomen's Clothes190
      CanadaChildren's Clothes
      CanadaMen's Clothes
      CanadaWomen's Clothes

      Full data within the attachments


      As you can see some countries has missing value for one or more Products.


      The chart has Country and Product as dimensions (Stacked) and the two expressions are:


      Exp1 : SUM(Value) / SUM(TOTAL <Country> Value)

      Exp2 [Text on axis]: AGGR( SUM(Value), Country )


      With the full data set I got this as a result:



      The numbers highlighted in red have the missing symbol "-" and looks like strikethrough for the last digit.


      I tried to change the "Text on Axis" expression to this:

      IF(ISNULL(AGGR( SUM(Value), Country )),'',AGGR( SUM(Value), Country ))


      which eliminates the missing symbol, but shows the countries without values



      I tried to supress that country but nothing seems to work. I don't want to use a calculated dimension and I can not eliminate the records without value because the data is dummy and the real data has more information.


      Does anybody have an idea to how to deal with this?


      All the test files are in the attachments.