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    Logging - QEMC tasks

    Tim Webber

      You can see the results of executed tasks in QEMC by clicking on the task (highlighting it), showing task details and viewing the entries in the Log tab. You can see historical runs logged too.

      My questions is where does this data come from? It does not looks like anything from the regular server log folder....

      "C:\Documents andSettings\All Users\Application Data\QlikTech\QVS ". Is there somewhere else this data is stored? Also, I assume that if you turn on logging in the document properties of a document that the logging will be more verbose than that the server stores?


        • Logging - QEMC tasks
          Karl Pover

          Look in the subfolders of C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\DistributionService to see if you find what you are looking for, and yes, from what I've seen the log that is enabled in document properties is more verbose.


            • Logging - QEMC tasks
              Tim Webber

              Nice, the logs are there. Do you know how to limit there growth? ie i would be happy with 30 days rolling of logged task activity. Just would not want them to grow too big.

                • Logging - QEMC tasks
                  Brent Nichol

                  The default is 30 days, but you can change it in an XML file. The only problem is the 30 day default get reset when you change any of the distribution/publisher settings, including adding new tasks or changing existing ones.

                  • Logging - QEMC tasks
                    Karl Pover

                    I couldn't find anything in the QEMC, but in "workorder.xml" there is a reference to "Logging KeepMaxDays". Mine was already set to 30.

                    - <Logging KeepMaxDays="30">
                    <LogItem Destination="File" LogLevel="Initializing" Information="False" Warning="False" Error="False" />
                    <LogItem Destination="File" LogLevel="Debug" Information="False" Warning="False" Error="False" />
                    <LogItem Destination="File" LogLevel="ThreadPool" Information="False" Warning="True" Error="True" />
                    <LogItem Destination="File" LogLevel="WebService" Information="False" Warning="True" Error="True" />
                    <LogItem Destination="EventLog" LogLevel="Initializing" Information="False" Warning="False" Error="False" />
                    <LogItem Destination="EventLog" LogLevel="Normal" Information="False" Warning="True" Error="True" />
                    <LogItem Destination="EventLog" LogLevel="Debug" Information="False" Warning="False" Error="False" />
                    <LogItem Destination="EventLog" LogLevel="ThreadPool" Information="False" Warning="False" Error="False" />
                    <LogItem Destination="EventLog" LogLevel="WebService" Information="False" Warning="False" Error="False" />