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    Dimension Background Colour expression to ignore Fiscal Year and Month

      Hi All


      I have a straight table and all the Expressions ignore the Fiscal Year and Month if selected. I have also used an expression in the background colour of the Dimensions and this works fine UNTIL the user selects a year or month. I am sure I have to also ignore the FiscalYear and Month selections in this background colour expression but I cannot seem to get this in the right place? See examples below:


      1 of the Expressions:

      Max({<ItemActNowExcFromLookup={'0'}, ItemProductGroup-= {'EXPENSES', 'SERIAL', 'SERVICES'}, ItemBrand-={'FREIGHT', 'SERVICE'},FiscalYear=, Month=>}ItemUnitSellStore)


      Background Colour Expression:

      =If(ItemProductStatus= 'DELETED' 
      and  ItemActNowWebsite= 'P',RGB(230,185,184),
      If(ItemProductStatus= 'CURRENT' 
      and  ItemActNowWebsite= 'P',RGB(230,185,184),
      If(Dimensionality()=3, RGB(186,241,254),


      Thanks I have been searching the forum for days!