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    why compute Total with field = Rate cannot work ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All



      I have below expression work fine :-



      Sum( {<eXP={eXP}>} Amount*-1/1000)



      Below is the expression which i want to compute TOTAL for the above expression , IT Also work fine, as shown in table 1 :-



      Sum(ALL {<eXP={eXP}>} Amount*-1/1000)



      Now i have expression below , which convert all the currency to SGD:-



      Sum( {<eXP={eXP}>} Amount*-1/1000)/Rate



      when i modify the above expression with compute Total as below :-



      Sum(ALL {<eXP={eXP}>} Amount*-1/1000)/Rate



      it cannot work as shown in Table 2.



      Can some one advise me ?