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    qlikview Share point On Single Server

    Ashfaq Mohammed

      Dear All


      I have a scenario where I have sharepoint wss 3.0 and qlikview server sr6 and qlikview web part sr6 on the same machine and this machine is joined to one domain.

      I have qlikview server installed with local user as qlikview administrator, and later I added a user from domain as qlikview administrator.

      domain users are the one who can acessess sharepoint via active directory user ID's

      now when I add data source web part and qlik view chart web part and after Providind the source document

      It give me following error

      " QWW Error: Failed to open document, You don't have access to this documen"

      I had given permissions to all domain users to acess the documents. but even then I get same error In share point site.

      But, when I try to acess same documents from acess point I can acessess them.


      Also when I take this scenerio seperately i.e qlikview server on one machine and sharepoint server on other machine.

      Then it gives me following error ".could not connect to host <host ip>"

      Can Some one help me to resolve this issue.