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    Global setting for QEMC and QMC....

      We are working on Qlikview server upgradation project, upgradation from server version 8 to version 9.

      We are accessing the applications through AJAX zero foot print from different screens and found that objects are overlapping even after the proper arrangement of layout.

      Can somebody suggest some global setting for QEMC and QMC in the server? So as to get same layout of the application on the different screen while accessing the application via AJAX zero foot print?

        • Global setting for QEMC and QMC....

          Hi Sachin,

          I have not seen any particular setting for the layout in the QlikView server/Publisher. You have to do it manually .Even if you have made correct alignement in the application the view will be different in IE and AJAX. Only in 10 they have given the feature of generate ajax page in QlikView Personal edition so that you can able to view while designing it.