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    Layering and text formatting

    Emma Emma

      Please  How do I do layering in Qlik sense?

      See this snapshot

      I want my text to be close to my icon but not working I cant place the text on the photo also I tried to place my text on the

      same control with the photo but I couldn't format and align my text.

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          Gabor Tarnoczai

          Hi Emac,


          You can't do layering in Qlik Sense, every object has its own area, can't overlay each other.



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            Michael Tarallo

            Hello Emma,


            As Gabor has mentioned, layering is not possible in the Qlik Sense analysis / edit design interface, but is possible in the Storytelling interface, (as you could layer snapshots and text and graphics and images) however - that is really only for presentation and collaboration purposes.



            However, it appears you are trying to create graphical tabs and want to overlay text on top, where the txt / metrics will obviously change based on user selections.


            Due to the responsive nature of the interface auto-adjusting is possible, you may be able to override the behavior by changing the object type - (Image, Text, Image and Text) to get it to be close / next to the image, (if not a tab) but it will not overlay it.




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            Mike Tarallo