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    How to check the server status

    Mat Smith

      We're in the process of rolling out a multi-node Qlik Sense solution with the servers based in Azure and are after a bit of assistance with regards to load balancing...


      First off, I'll apologize in advance if some of the details appear a little sketchy... I'm not the one putting the server architecture into place.


      Basically, we have 2 servers which will be used by our customers and they are covered by a load balancer in Azure...


      We've found that in QlikView, there's a QvsStatus.aspx that can be setup which will return the correct value required by the Azure Load Balancer to determine whether or not the server is active... but can't find anything similar for Sense...


      I've checked for documentation, but the Qlik View Server Reference manual also doesn't appear to have a Sense equivalent.


      Can anyone out there please point us in the right direction?