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    Migrating Server Bookmarks from 8.X to 10

    Michael Ellerbeck

      Is there any way to do this, or our we stuck?



        • Migrating Server Bookmarks from 8.X to 10

          Migration should be automatic first time a document is used with v.10, if you've problem open a Support request, regards.

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              Ronald Sunter

              This answer isn't very helpfull.  Here's what I have experienced.  First...if the users have created SHARED bookmarks (Shared Server Bookmarks) or My Server Bookmarks, they are recorded in the .SHARED file on the server.  Assuming the name of the document is EXACTLY the same in 8.x and 10, then it's a simple matter of copying the .SHARED file from 8.x to 10.


              However, if it is "User Bookmark", these are NOT written to the .SHARED file and therefore can not be moved easily.  To date I have been struggling with QlikTech to understand where these bookmarks are being stored and how we can restore them if a user accidentally deletes them.  No luck so far...but I'm sure I'm not the first person to ask this question.  So, I truely believe that QlikTech has an answer...I just haven't found the right person yet.


              Note that you can export bookmarks, but that is reserved for Document Bookmarks and User Bookmarks only.  I think we should be able to export these, then import them into the new QV10 environment on a user by user basis.  Yet to be tested.


              But, most of my users have created "My Server Bookmarks" which can't be exported but are written to the .SHARED file.  They are saved in the .SHARED file


              I have logged a service case with them and will keep all advised when I have an answer.


              Update: Long story short, make sure the document names are identical in the Access Point document folder, then copy the .SHARED file from 8.x to 10.x.  This file contains all the bookmarks.  All should be well.  Worked for me.