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    Can you create a Set Analysis with two Identifiers

    Kenneth Scott

      Is it possible to have a set analysis that has a different identifier based on what is being selected.  For example, take the below grid:

      2016-05-25 13_21_08-Sales Performance Dashboard - Morning Report YTD _ Sheets - Qlik Sense.png

      The column [2015-Total] is the same data field as [Last Year] except if for the entire year.  This was accomplished with using the identifier 1 instead of $.  So, it looks like :Sum({1<Year={'$(=vLastYear)'}>}[SALES]).  This causes the filters or selections to be ignored.  All of them.  This works great for ignoring the select date range and shows me the total for 2015, however I also need the other selection to function, which the do not..  The request is really not to ignore all the selection, but to ignore the Year or Month selections and apply the rest.  Is it possible to have the "1" to exclude for two selections and at the same time have the "$" for the other fields like  [sales directors]. 

      something like Sum({1<Year={'$(=vLastYear)'}>},{$<Sales Director=>}[SALES])