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    Aggregating Multiple "Yes/No" Fields

    Todd Johnston

      Hello Community,


      I have a client list and 3 "Yes/No" Fields indicating whether or not a client has any of three products.  For this example, lets say the products are Apples, Oranges, and Grapes.  I would like to create a new field (Fruit Customer) indicating only the clients who have at least 1 of the products.  I know in Excel this is achievable via If/Or expression, however I cant seem to figure out a Qlik approach.


      Any help would be appreciated.





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          Sunny Talwar

          You can create flag to find clients which are Yes for only one product:



          LOAD *,

          If(SubStringCount(Apples&'|'&Oranges&'|'&Grapes, 'Yes') = 1, 1, 0) as Flag;

          LOAD * Inline [

          Client, Apples, Oranges, Grapes

          A, Yes, Yes, No

          B, Yes, No, No

          C, No, Yes, Yes

          D, No, Yes, No



          Now use this flag in the set analysis or if statement to anywhere you would want to get only those clients where they have Yes for only one place