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    SAP BW: Custom Connection Failed

    Apurva Jha



      I am getting an error: 'Custom Connection failed' while reloading the data extraction task in QMC. When I manually extract data from that query, it works, however when trigger the same task from QMC, it failed.


      Description of the issue:

      • I have built a connection string using 'Application Server Host' setting. This works when triggers the task from QMC.
      • I have built another connection string using 'Message Server Host' setting using the same credentials. Connection built successfully however, this gives the error in QMC.
      • I am manually able to extract the data from both the strings from my account.
      • When I automate the extraction and trigger the task from QMC, it failed.

      Note: QMC is on a different account and I get the error when I use connection string built using 'Message server Host' settings only.


      Please help.