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    Can't open qvw file from internet (Web Server on Separate Machine from QlikView Server)


      I have a problem about accessing qvw from internet.

      The design scenario is that web server is on separate machine from qlikview server. On the IIS web server the file "setting.js" and also the file "config.xml" on QVS machine is already configured well.

      I can accessed all the qvw file from intranet but if i'm accessing through internet, the qvw file cant open, it show the error message something like this "qvp:// [numeric valu, eg. 23425345345] could not open" then if i try to refresh(F5) sometime it show a window dialog box that i must choose how to access but still with no luck to access qvw file.

      Is there any solution for this? is there some configuration that i've missed?

      I'm also try to change the directory security on IIS (qvplugin) but still can't solved the problem.

      I'm using QVS 8.5

      Please help because our management is asking fast :(


      thanks you for your response..



      Dwi Sulistiyo