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    NPrinting - XLS to TIFF - High Resolution image possible?

    Phillip de Verges



      One of the projects we recently deployed is a corporate dashboard that is displayed on TVs mounted around the office and refreshes all day with new data.  We start with individual tabs in QlikView with the screen sized to 1920x1080 to match the 1080p TV resolution.  So far the best I've gotten is 1124x795.  I saw a post somewhere talking about setting a custom page size in the Excel template as 20"x11.25", then I zoom to 100% and set the print area as close to the image as possible (A1:AD50 typically).


      I'm not dead set on TIFF, I just didn't know how else to get an image file out of NPrinting in any kind of real quality.  Any ideas?


      A few notes:

      • I tried to remove the margins in the page setup which only zoomed the screenshot a little but didn't change the overall resolution
      • In Excel's Page Setup > Options menu (QlikView NPrinting PDF Printer Properties) I turned off all the compression options - not sure if this helped because I'm not exporting a PDF..just a TIFF
      • Not sure which print driver is used to print the PDF images


      Let me know what else you need to know, thank you for the help.