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    Access Qliksense server extension

      Hi all,


      I am just new to Qliksense server. I need to make a small modification in its web interface.


      I know that we can access the extension (HTML, Java script and CSS stuffs) of Qliksense desktop on ...\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Extensions directory.


      Can you let me know how can we access this folder in Qliksense server.

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          Levi Turner

          C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Repository\Extensions but I would caution you against directly modifying those files. The safer method would be to move them elsewhere, doing your modifications / testing, zipping them, deleting the original extension, then reimporting the extension.

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              So you are saying that we can package the QVF file along with our html, js and css stuffs all, then deploy them to the server?


              I admit that I am kind of a newbie in Qliksense server. In Qliksense desktop, I usually backup the front end stuffs into another folder. I am researching more info.


              However, I guess modify them directly is the only option now, I don't want to mess up with the stuff I don't know.