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    Search for specific records in set analysis

      Hi All,


      I'm pretty new to Qlik. I've had a look at other threads but couldn't find the answer to what I'm trying to do so appreciate your help!


      In my data, I have some records with the same RecordID. (The unique ID is rowNum field in case you're wondering)


      I need to create a new FieldNew (At this point I think I need to do it in the loadscript but let me know otherwise.). The data in this FieldNew comes from below.


      I need to check if FieldB='1' and FieldC='2', and if so, I need to get the RecordID (calling this "first record") and find the other record with the same RecordID where  FieldB='2' and FieldC='5', and then get FieldA data for this record and put it in the FieldNew for the "first record".


      Else if FieldB='1' and FieldC='2' is not correct, I'd simply put FieldA as FieldNew.


      I hope I have explained it well enough. Thanks!