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    Data Source - Email File Attachments

    Pascal Rassinoux

      If your company is like mine, there is a lot of data floating around our enterprise environment in the form of excel and csv reports distributed automatically by email from source systems (example - daily receipt report from warehouse management system; on hand inventory report from ERP; etc).

      It seems to me that this is a huge untapped resource - especially for reports sitting in my inbox from systems that are outside my company's environment where I don't have access to the databases.


      While I've managed to come up with some MS Outlook macros to save attachments to folders on my Qlik Sense server, it isn't a good long term solution since it required me to have Outlook open and be on our network.


      Is anyone aware of any solutions that could automate the solution?  Needs to do the following:


      • Run on server
      • Store attachments into specific folders based on common rules (ie email sender, text in subject line)
      • Update the file name while storing


      My thought is i could create a dummy email account to receive all these reports that would get routed to some kind of script that would perform the actions to download and store.


      Any ideas?