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    How to write load script at partial reload for [Reporting Code]< 00500 use date1 and more then 00500 use date2 ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All


      My raw data have 2 date , date1 and date2.



      Below is my load script :-




      'TDSS' as SOURCE_GL,

      date#(MakeDate(@53:57T, @50:52T ,@58:59T),'DD/MM/YYYY') as date1,

      makedate(@53:57T,@50:52T,1) as date2,

      @124:129T  as [Reporting Code],

      if(@102:103T = '-',@86:101T*-1,@86:101T)*-1 as [Amount]   

      FROM $(vRAWPath)$(vFile50).txt (ansi, fix, no labels, header is 0, record is line);



      For my application ,



      when reporting code 00001 - 00500 i should use date1

      when reporting code 00501 - 99999 i should use date2





      i make use of partial reload to create date3 , My requirement is to create a new feild name = date3 , the condition as below :-





      My Partial reload script as below :-




      left keep (GL_TABLE)

      load [Reporting Code],



      If([Reporting Code]<=500,date1 and [Reporting Code]>=500,date2) as [date3]



      resident GL_TABLE;



      There it no error , it does create a new date3. But it is not working ,  Can some one advise me where i go wrong ?