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    sorting if statement criteria within a pivot chart

    Laura Castagna



      the first dimension within my Pivot Chart dimension


      is Account,  the second reads like this:-

      =If(WildMatch(Code, '*WALL*'), 'Wall Paper',
        If(WildMatch(Code, '*PAINT*'), 'Paint',
        If(WildMatch(Code, '*NAT*'), 'Natural',' ' )))


      the Count "quantity"  is in the Dimension.

      so my chart looks like this:-

                          WallPaper        Paint               Natural

      Account A    10                    0                      6

      Account B      9                    5                      2



      I would like the sort order to be Natural, WallPaper, Paint.

      Where do i do this?

      I have tried an Aggr function in the  sort function with no luck.  Any help appreciated.