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    string -CSV file-



      I have currently a question about the use of the string function. I need only a string of a CSV file for my evaluation filename.

      Instantaneous,  I`m requesting the filename with this command: MID(File_Name,21,1) as drive.

      The title of the CSVFile is created like this: \\000\BND$;"20,20" or \\003\Share_BND;"64,21". I only need the string "BND $" and "Share_BND" for the filenames.

      Has anybody to make one`s point for me to  solve this riddle?;)

      Thanks and have a nice weekend!


      Greetings Greg

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          Stefan Wühl

          There are multiple possible approaches, depending on the possible file names you get.

          Have a look at the String functions in QV help,there are a lot of useful functions for extraction.


          For example, here are two ways to get your result:


          LOAD *,

            TextBetween(Filename,'\',';',3) as Result1,

            SubField(SubField(Filename,'\',-1),';',1) as Result2;

          LOAD * INLINE [





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            Hi Swuehl,


            thanks for your quik answer. I will try your advise. Call you later, if it works..