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    DMS - User groups - AccessPoint "No documents"


      Dear all,

      I am facing a problem using DMS and user groups. I did the following steps:

      1. Making a group named: test
      2. Add a user to this group
      3. Give autorization to a document: CUSTOM\test
      4. In AccessPoint I login with that specific user, and it show 'No documents'
      5. If I add that user specific to this document, I get the right document in AccessPoint!

      Does someone know what happens?

      I'm using QV v9 SR6

      Thanks in advance!


        • DMS - User groups - AccessPoint "No documents"
          Bill Britt

          This is a known issue. Please contact Support.

            • DMS - User groups - AccessPoint "No documents"

              Dear bbt,


              Thanks for you suggestion. I've support case, but they can't find what's happing. I want to give you some more information about the situation. I hope someone will remember something what will be the solution.

              I will explain what the situation is:

              1. On advice of QlikView we have 2 servers configured for QV. These servers:

              a. QVAPP01 = here all the services are running, except QVS

              b. QVSVR01 = here QVS is running


              We make use of DMS. It is an 64-bit environment.

              Problem: with this situation AccessPoint cannot show documents of users which are added to a GROUP.

              It will only work by adding a specific user to a document, but that is not an option for us.

              I really hope someone can help me. If needed, I can give more (specific) information.

              Thanks in advance,