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    Duplicate app in Hub



      I have scenario on which different users have access to their own streams. Now I want the user to be able to duplicate apps in his stream and publish them.


      By default a user can create and duplicate app under My Work on the Qlik Sense hub, but not on the apps at the stream.

      When you do right click noting happens.


      I've checked for myself, and I am admin on the Qlik Sense server and I was only able to duplicate apps for which I am the owner.


      So I am wondering if there is a security rule that can be setup so the users can duplicate apps in their streams, or if the workaround is to be able to duplicate apps for which they are owner, can I change the owner of an app, meaning if Someone else have published the app in the first place and the user can see the app, can I change the app ownership to the user so he can duplicate it.


      Any help would be appreciated.