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    Finding Timedifference difference on multiple datetime

    Arjun Jeevan



      I have a qvd which is split everymonth due to huge data approximately 2000000 rows and loading this directly is Optimized, however I have to subtract Operations in Datetime format, I have close to 19 operations


      my table looks like the one I have attached to this post


      Need to do:


      1. Subtract each Datetimefield to find the interval.

      2. if the previous operation datetime is not available,it has to take previous to that field.




      I tried to do a cross table and subtract the previous date to find the interval, but the table becomes very huge.


      2. Trying to create a QVD, but I need to do a incremental load, after crossing the ID multiplies so the insertupdate mode doesnt work


      3.Loading the cross table in application instead of QVD, it takes lot of time to load the entire 12 months data





      What is the best approach for this time of scenario, any help is much appreciated