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    Editing the data source

    Steve Br.

      Hello everybody!


      I recently started using Qlik Sense for a project and there are a couple of things I’m trying to figure out.


      1. Let’s say I create a graph and discover that it includes negative values. The reason is that they are entered incorrectly in the linked excel file. Is there any way to select these values in Qlik Sense and edit them in a way that also changes the entry in the excel file.
      2. Is it possible to add data or new columns to the linked file?
      3. In case adding data is possible, I would like to create a simple KPI object in Qlik Sense (e.g. manufacturing costs per minute) and save the calculated figures as a new column in the source file so that I have the cost per minute for each product directly in the excel sheet. Can I do this?


      I would appreciate any help. Thank you!