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    Unable to Attach Files

    Jay Fitchett

      Hey folks,

      We are using Qlik Sense Enterprise. When playing around with the Data Connections in the QMC, I accidentally deleted the Attached Files connection. Now we are no longer able to attach files to apps - when I click Add Data in an app, the only options I have are "Connections" and "Connect my data". How do I go about getting this option back / getting the Attached Files connection back. We are in an environment where the users don't have access to the file system that Qlik is installed on - so this is pretty important!


      Thanks for your help!

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          Levi Turner

          I haven't had any success in regenerating the Attached Files data connection when it's come up. Personally the easiest route for me would to be undelete the AttachedFiles data connection in the database. It's best to contact Qlik Support for such things since directly editing the database is most certainly not supported. It'll also give us something to reference for a potential bug since that Data Connection should be recoverable without going into PostgreSQL.