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    Wrong link to upgrade Qlik Sense Desktop

    Michael Simonsen


      I am trying to upgrade my Qlik Sense Desktop, but when I click on the download page:




      I’m directed to the Qlik View page:


      Where I can only download Qlik View Personal Edition


      Any ideas on how to get the right URL?


      Best regards


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          Vincenzo Esposito

          The URL should be fine. Have a look on the top of the page you'll find a pills menu having different product family like QlikView, Qlik Sense, Connectors

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              Stefan Wühl

              Hi Vincenzo,


              I think the problem is, if you follow the link, we'll be directed to


              2016-05-30 19_23_11-Download Free Data Visualization Development Platform.png


              and if I have already an account and follow the login link, I am directed to


              2016-05-30 19_23_50-Software Download _ Qlik.com.png


              where there is no possibility to download QlikSense.


              I need to go back to the first page and re-enter my personal data in the form to be able to download QlikSense


              (which is kind of a nuisance, and as far as often as I see these kind of posts in the forum, confusing the users who actually just follow the login link).


              Is there anything you can do to allow just a login and download of QlikSense?




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                  Vincenzo Esposito

                  Never used that link. There is an alternative in case you are also a qlikcloud user. In that case, from QlikClud you can find the download button for the last Qlik Sense version in the upper right corner.

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                      Stefan Wühl

                      Thanks for that tip, Vincenzo.


                      Using this link, I am redirected to

                      2016-06-01 00_52_35-Qlik Sense Desktop _ Qlik.png


                      Again, I would need to re-register to download the software, even though I am logged in.


                      If this is the way you want it fine, but I think there should be a way to avoid this re-registering when being forced to upgrade the software I already registered for once.


                      But this page seems to be a little more clear than the other, since it does not ask me to log in again and redirect me to the wrong download page. So maybe it would be worth linking this page also within the QlikSense software upgrade notification and not the other landing page shown above.


                      Just suggesting this because there are repeating threads here in the forum with users being confused about how to download the software.