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    How to configure cluster environment

      Hi All,

      I am running Qlikview 9.0 SR4, I have to setup cluster environment(two Qlikview servers for load balancing).

      Can anybody answer my questions

      1.Is there any special license required to get cluster tab inside Qlikview server setting ?

      While going through QEMC -->system-->Qlikview server,I didn't find "Cluster Tab" either on PROD or DEV.

      2.Do I need to configure any xml to get this , if yes then what are those.

      3.Is there anything to configure in Qlikview web server setting (QEMC-->system -->Qlikview Web server).


      give me the steps to get it done.

      thanks in advance

        • How to configure cluster environment
          Bill Britt

          Check with your account manager and make sure your license is setup for clustering. If you look on the license tab make sure you see NUMBER_OF_CLUSTER_NODES;

          • How to configure cluster environment


            Hi Santosh

            Yes you need a specific license to allow clustering. If you don't have that you can only use different server separate without the load balancing.

            The things you need to configure all most (all I think for v 9) in the QEMC, the installation documentation have an excellent section about this under QVS -> Cluster.

            The only thing you need to do in the web server is to point it to the cluster after you have created it, see the manual.