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    installation issue?

    antoine beck

      Hi All,


      After installating Qliksense desktop on a laptop, I wasnt able to start the application.

      The log says : "Server Registration: Crash."

      But the strange thing is if I logon under a different user session on the same laptop, I'm able to launch the application from the same .exe file.


      Any help please?

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          antoine beck
          Bump. Please any help would be appreciated.


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              Chanty 4u

              Did u deleted all te related qliksense files ? if not do that and download latest and  install bak.  keep back up

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                  antoine beck

                  I did. I tried 2 versions 2.2.3 and 2.2.4, each time I deleted the files contains in c:\users\username\documents\qlik and c:\users\username\appdata\local\programs\qlik

                  .net framework version is 4.5.2

                  When I launch Qliksense, I can see an instance of Qliksense.exe in the tasks manager but nothing happens and the qliksensebrowser is not started.

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                    antoine beck

                    Is there a way to get a log file more verbosing?


                    I see the first launch of qliksense.exe should create 2 folders in the user temp directory : QlikSenseBrowser2.2.50501.0409.10 and QlikSenseBrowserCache

                    This doesnt happen for the faulty laptop, so this is related to the error given in the log "Server Registration: Crash."

                    Qliksense.exe is not able to create the browser directory which is strange because the user has the full read/write rights on his own temp folder.

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                      antoine beck

                      Ok I found a solution :

                      Copy all the folders in the temp directory from another laptop which is working correctly and is running the same version.

                      Folders list to copy :