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    Rerunning Nprinting jobs

      Hi community,


      Could you perhaps be at assistance here: I have a hisotrical QVW with sales for the past year. From time to time I need to resend these reports to people, maybe for a month in whole, or for a date, or for a specific month back in time.


      Is there anyway of doing this smoothly, by filters or something? It would be nice to without involving the QVW in a filter for example specify the daterange for a report.


      how are you guys who work with nprinting daily doing this?

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          Daniel Jenkins

          Hi Niklas,


          If you have variables in your QlikView document that store the dates for the range required you can use a filter in QlikView NPrinting to restrict output to records that fall within that date range.


          Lets say you have variables vStartDate & vEndDate like this:

          You can see that records in the unfiltered chart have DateTrans values that fall within and also out of this date range:

          You can use a Field filter like this on the report:


          To get filtered Excel output like this:


          Now, you can also set the values of the two variables using a Variable filter (NOTE: this only sets the values for NPrinting reporting and does not change the actual values in the QVW) in the NSQ thereby not involving any change to the QVW. So you would first apply the Variable filter to set the values of the variables to whatever you require and then apply the Field filter

          To get output with field DateTrans filtered for values between 26/05/2016 and 28/05/2016 as specified in Variable filter filters_vStart_vEnd:

          Simply change the values in the filter filters_vStart_vEnd as required.


          Project attached. Extract to folder C:\Temp\Community\077 or change the paths in the NSQ.


          HTH - Daniel.