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    DMS security using NT users and local security groups

    Trevor Doble

      For various reasons around client AD security rules I am trying to implement a document access regime using the following:


      • DMS security
      • Local security groups on the QlikView server
      • Domain (NTFS) users only within the local security groups


      From a physical standpoint this works fine - the right users are getting access to the right documents via the local security groups.  The issue I have is that when I look at a User in the QMC it does not reflect any of the local groups that they belong to or any of the documents they can access via the local groups.  This makes it very cumbersome to establish who has access to what.


      Is there a setting or something in QlikView that will allow me to display this information correctly?  It will work perfectly if I use Domain security groups, but there are some logistical internal reasons that this will become very inefficient.