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    ignore all selections in specified tables

    Ali Hijazi


      I'm working in Qlik Sense

      I have an expression in which I want to ignore the selections made on the columns of some tables as follows:

      Sum({$<$(=Concat({1<$Table = {'CUSTOMER','PRODUCT','SALESMAN','PRODUCT_CATEGORY','WAREHOUSE'}>} distinct '[' & $Field & ']=',',')),TrxType = {'Supplier Balances'},MONTH_YEAR, YEAR=,QUARTER=,MONTH=,WEEK=,DAY=,PERIOD_DATE={">=$(vDPO_Min_Date) <=$(vDPO_Max_Date)"}>} ValueUSD * (-1))





      However this is not working

      when I put this in text box I get the column names without "_":

      Concat({1<$Table = {'CUSTOMER','PRODUCT','SALESMAN','PRODUCT_CATEGORY','WAREHOUSE'}>} distinct '[' & $Field & ']=',',')

      one column is called PRODUCT_TEMPLATE_NAME

      in the text box I see [PRODUCTTEMPLATENAME]


      Please advise

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          Chandrasheker Gompa

          Hi Ali,


          Please find the screen shot of a sample app for your condition. Please let me know if that is what you are looking for :


          From the above screen shot I have a table Comm_Per5 and I have metrics Actual 2015 in the table.

          The metric doesn't change even though you select any value from the table and the expression I have used is

          sum({<[Comm_Per 5] = {*}>}SumOfBudget_Amount )/1000000


          and if you want to exclude only certain values from the table below is the expression for the metrics here is excluded Actuarial from the table:

          sum({<[Comm_Per 5] = E({<[Comm_Per 5]={"Actuarial"}>})>} SumOfBudget_Amount )/1000000




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            Marcus Sommer

            For me it worked also with fields which contain an underline char like it should - whereby my test is in qlikview, if it's not working so in sense then is it a bug:



            - Marcus