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    Have best practices been outlined anywhere for organizations running both Qlik Sense Server and QlikView Server?

    Robert Klein

      Hello, our organization already has an existing QlikView Server and is in the process of launching Qlik Sense Server.  We wondered if best practices have been outlined anywhere for organizations working with both tools and, if so, if someone would please point us in that direction.  At this stage, we have a number of basic questions, such as:

      • Assuming both tools have network access to the files, can QlikView Server and Qlik Sense Server use the same set of QVD files or will we need to duplicate the files in separate locations to avoid any file lock issues or other problems?
      • Is it possible to manage all of our Qlik apps (both QlikView and Qlik Sense) within one management console product?
      • Are there other useful integration possibilities or efficiencies that you have found when both tools are available?


      Thank you!