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    Slow IE 11 on Qlik Sense  build 37

    Anthony Davis

      I am new to Qlik and didn't know where to start so I figured I would start with a discussion... My developers have reached out to support and have not fixed this issue...


      We are seeing some very long delays displaying table data in IE11. The delays are only seen in IE and Edge. We don't use edge but I tested it anyway. IE11 on windows 7 is my approved and standard browser and I don't want to start supporting multiple browsers in my environment.


      I tested it with my Core I7 3.5 ghz 3770k cpu 16 gb ram, striped ssd drives, pc windows 10 box as well as a windows 7 box with 8gb of ram and a good processor.


      Load times from login to dashboard are similar about 3.5 seconds. On an app that displays just a large table we are seeing a huge difference in load times. all times in seconds on the same machine. These times vary slightly but are consistent across my user base.



      Login to DashboardSheet load Data table onlySheet load table data onlySheet load graphs and small data table
      MS Edge 25.105863.5 sec73.5 sec13.8 sec4.5 sec
      Chrome 50.0.26614.25 sec1.9 sec1.8 sec1.5 sec
      IE11.1623 sec38.5 sec11.3 sec5.25 sec
      FireFox 46.0.1 (with Fire IE plugin)4.5 sec15.5 sec1.5 sec1.2 sec


      We have built a crazy beefy server to host this data and originally thought it was a problem with the QVDs or server. However, as we started testing it in other browsers we realized its only in IE.


      Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!



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          Levi Turner

          Do you have a case number for reference?


          Without delving deeper with a case, my first reaction is to wonder what the emulation mode is for IE (Dev Tools > Emulation > Document Mode)?


          In the Dev Tools > network tab for IE / Edge, what takes up the bulk of the request? Is it the websocket connection to the Engine or something else?

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            Anthony Davis

            Hi Levi,


            Thanks for your response.


            I asked My developer who submitted the case to forward me the details. I will post it soon.


            Document mode for the testing PC was set to IE11. I set it to 10 and got the same delay. I tried 9 and got console errors and the page didn't load.


            The delay appears to be between the xmlhttprequest and the presentation of the table. see jpg below.New Microsoft Word Document.jpg

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                Levi Turner

                It'll be easier to follow up through a support ticket, but the odd thing to me is that the bulk of the request comes from the Order%History.png file but that is being loaded from the cache.


                If there isn't already an active ticket then do feel free to open a new one.


                I don't have an Edge browser but that network capture doesn't look like IE11, so I suspect it's that. The other wildcard at play here is whether this is an interaction effect of that extension that you're pulling. I haven't seen it before but I did notice a pull from /qrs/extension and different browsers do differ in their fluency with CSS.