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    Show measure only for specific value of dimension in Qlik Sense chart

    Marianna Pekar

      Hi I am trying to create a chart that has age distribution on X axis as dimension and population measures from census data in 10 yearly groups (0-9 year olds, 10-19 year olds etc.)


      My dimension (AGE_DIS) has integer numbers (0,1,2,3...116), so I rounded it to 10 to correspond to my measure: =ROUND(AGE_DIS,10).


      Currently my expression, Census population for 0-9 year olds shows for all age groups (0,10,20...) and it should only show for when the dimension is 0, otherwise it should be 0.


      I have tried to use the following IF statement in the measure, but it does not seem to work:


      if (round(AGE_DIS,10={"0"},sum([2013_Census_0-9_Years]),0)


      Could you please, help me find a solution?