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    Date functions in search filter in expression

    Андрей Шепель

      Good day!

      Colleagues, i'll try to describe problem which i have in calculating expr with search filter.


      1. I have main simple table with YearMonth field and DeliveryPoint

      2. Then i make one test independent field YearMonth_Test resident main table


      Then in pivot report i try to calculate count DeliveryPoint by YearMonth_Test dimension with such condition:

      Get count DeliveryPoint  for YearMonth=YearMonth_Test-1.

      For this case i set formula which get previous YearMonth from YearMonth_Test:

      Year(AddMonths( date#(YearMonth_Temp,'YYYYMM'),-1))&num(Month(AddMonths( date#(YearMonth_Temp,'YYYYMM'),-1)),'00' )

      But using this formula insight search expr filter doesn't work.


      My necessary result:





      If any idea to solve it, will be very glad.