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    External push of dynamic updates

    Rob Wunderlich

      I'm trying to understand how an external process can add data to a server document using the dynamic update interface. I can find plenty of examples where ActiveDocument.DynamicUpdateCommand() is called from within the same document. But how is it invoked from an external source? John Trigg mentions such a capability in this post:


      "Your sales QVW is reloaded once every 4 hours. In between an external function can detect changes in the underlying order database and send inserts, updates and deletions into the sales QVW via the new dynamic update interface. "

      Here's my example scenario. When a row is inserted in a DB table, I want to push that row immediately to the qlikview document.

      Does the external function open the QV doc to get a handle and then execute "handle.DynamicUpdateCommand()"?