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    App keeps getting corrupted

    Martin Michalski

      Hello Community,


      I am facing a really annoying issue with an app in Qlik Sense. Since 2 weeks ago it has already got corrupted 4 times, giving me no other option than deleting and republishing it again.

      This is very frustrating as the app is displayed on static screens and each time we republish, all the links (more than 20 pages) need to be changed.


      We have received two different kind of error messages when the app got corrupted: one directly saying that the app is corrupted and the other one saying "the object could not be found".


      I don't really think this has something to do with the App itself but has relation some weird infrastructure issue. Have you experienced something like this before? Do you have any advice to avoid or reduce the risk of an app getting corrupted?


      I would really appreciate your help.


      Thanks in advance,