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    Date in variable



      I like to set up the KPI chart in my sense dashboard in the cloud so that it always show the figure of yesterday. When I hardcode the date it works but not in any other way

      I'm a newbie and appreciate any help...


      ----this is the one working----

      sum({$ <[EVENT_DATE]={"16-MAY-16 12.00.00"}>} TOTAL_DISCREPANCY_VALUE_OVER)


      So here is all the different methods I tried and failed.


      ----without variable----

      sum({$ <[EVENT_DATE]={"=$(=date(today()-13,'DD-MMM-YY hh.mm.ss'))"}>} TOTAL_DISCREPANCY_VALUE_OVER)


      ----without variable----


      LET v_date = date(today()-14,'DD/MM/YYYY');


      sum({1 <[Date(Date#(EVENT_DATE,'DD-MMM-YYYY hh.mm.ss'),'DD/MM/YYYY')]={$(=v_date)}>} TOTAL_DISCREPANCY_VALUE_OVER)


      ----without variable 2----

      LET v_date2 =date(today()-14,'DD-MMM-YY hh.mm.ss')

      sum({$ <[EVENT_DATE]={"$(=v_date2)"}>} TOTAL_DISCREPANCY_VALUE_OVER)

      sum({$ <[EVENT_DATE]={$(=v_date2)}>} TOTAL_DISCREPANCY_VALUE_OVER)