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    config.xml in 10 SR1 QVWS

    Amien Amien

      where can i find the config.xml file for QVWS?

      normally i would look into C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QvWebServer .. but i dont have that dir ANYWHERE!

      i have this dir : C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\WebServer and there is a config.xml there

      but layout is different:

      no :



      running on windows 2008


        • config.xml in 10 SR1 QVWS
          Bill Britt

          That is it. The style has changed from version 9. In version 9 there were a log of settings that you had to edit the config.xlm to input. However, in version 10 all settings are now in the QEMC

            • config.xml in 10 SR1 QVWS
              Amien Amien

              40 How to Activate SSL for Services in Windows

              from the manual in 10 SR1 (page 261+)


              Addintional changes for the QlikView Web Server
              Make changes to config.xml for QlikView Web Server to add the full URL used for SSL. The default
              location for the config.xml file is C:\Program Files\QlikView\Server\QvWebServer. Note that the
              URL must match the URL for which the certificate is valid.


              is this incorrect? i'm trying to leave IIS (using it for SSL) and want to use QV for SSL between client en QVS