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    Store QVD Files using a variable with the path


      I have problems with my script when I'm using a path variable which is set in an ini-file and the path is UNC path.

      I will receive a general script error.

      When I type the UNC-path dircectly into the script it will work.



      Set DataHome = "\\FSCL01\Prg-Web-Kredit\temp\rpe\N\Recht\";

      Let DataPathQVD_TGL = '$(DataPathRoot)Datenquellen\QVD_aktuell\';



      store Foberedaten into $(DataPathQVD_TGL)Foberedaten.qvd; --this is not working


      store Foberedaten into \\FSCL01\Prg-Web-Kredit\Temp\rpe\N\Recht\GOBS\Datenquellen\QVD_aktuell\Forderungsdaten.qvd; --this works


      There are many files in the script and I don't want to change every single tab.


      Question: What is wrong with my script?


      Thanks a lot in advance for some help.