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    WebParts 10 SR1 - CAL use

      Hi experts,

      could you please help me with finalization of WebParts.

      We have Sharepoint 2007 and on separate machine the QVS 10 SR1 (both in same domain).
      SP 2007 settings:
      - SP machine is configured in Active Directory as 'Trust this computer for delegation to any service (Kerberos only).
      - Application pool is running under account: 'Network Service'
      - Authentication providers IIS Authentication Settings: Integrated windows auth.:

      QVS settings:
      - QV services are running under Domain account (or as well under Local System = same result). Accounts are in QV Admin.group.
      - System\Setup\QVS\Security\ Clients=Allow anonymous, Authorization = DMS -> see picture bottow below
      - System\Setup\QVWS\Authentication=Login, Type = Ntlm -> see picture bottow below
      - Manually edited Config.xml in C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\WebServer. Changed row from <QvsAuthenticationProt>Negotiate</QvsAuthenticationProt> to <QvsAuthenticationProt>Kerberos</QvsAuthenticationProt>
      - We have only Named CALs and those I would like to use

      I uninstalled webpart 9 and replaced it (with difficulty) with 10 version.

      I can see:
      - this QV webpart
      - QV documents published on server (but only those allowed to see by anonymous users)
      - Types (Pivot table,...) and Objects
      - but can't see any result, picture, drawn object
      The website throw me an error in left bottom corner with error 'Access is denied':error loading image

      And what is weird is that on QVS I can see that open document with my user name, but when I check Session log there is CAL Type = None!!!

      I appriciate any help with this desprite implementation!

      error loading image

      error loading image