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    section access

    Prasanta Kumar

      Hi All,


      I am not managing my users in any database. It is based on AD groups NTNAME.


      My issue is everytime a new user added into NT AD group, i have to update my section access table for that user.


      Which i dont want as its a manual work everytime.


      So is it possible to do section access based on AD groups only without mentioning the userid in section access table.








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          Mark Ritter

          I don't know if this will help.  I am not using AD.


          But I created an extract and associated task that creates or updates a QVD with the user information that I am using for my Section Access each night.  I am building this from a table in my application of system users.


          So I do not have to manually do anything when a user is added or removed from the application.


          I am assuming that something like this could also be done with AD.

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              Prasanta Kumar

              Hi Mark,


              thanks, this sounds like helpful in my case as well.

              Would you mind to share a sample of your setting,


              thanks in advance

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                  Mark Ritter

                  So here is the code from the extract.  I have to massage the data to put it in the form that Qlik Sense is expecting.



                  select  'USER' AS ACCESS,'WIN-IVTIROI5TAF\'+ulp.userid AS USERID, c.customerid AS CUSTOMERID


                  UserLocPermission ulp


                  I then store the output into a QVD


                  Then in the Section Access part of the dashboard script I have the following:





                  FROM [lib://QVD Files (win-ivtiroi5taf_mritter)/USERAUTHORIZATION.QVD]

                  (qvd) Where 1=1;


                  When I load the actual data I have a field named CUSTOMERID that it is matching against the data in the QVD to limit access.


                  Hope that makes sense.  I had to play around with this quite a bit to get it to work.  You must have the Where 1=1 in the Load statement.  I found that in another post here in the Community.